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2017. november 14. 07:02 - KáeNeL

I know, Maelle, that you are reading my blog. I can see in front of me your face, when you realize that you understand something from it.

This is for you all.

I’m here in Riga, don’t understand anything about the language, and I have to say that I don’t care. I’ll go home, but it's a bit weird, because Kurjen tila was my home also for 7 wonderful months.

I was crying a little-little but now I will remember just the good things.

For example the first moment, when I saw your faces. Or the sauna together in the first night. Oh my God, the room upstairs! It was impossible to imagine, that 6 of us will live in that small place! And the toilet…put a splash, I will have big fun with my water toilet in Hungary. Hahhhh… :D

Than the huuuuge party in the first week, and the moment, when I realised, that I don’t need curtain. I love to see your hangover faces, and I’m sure that you liked when I tried to find my clothes half-naked in front of my always-big-mess shelf.

Than the fact, that I can’t use my cemical shower gel and shampoo…what a big surprise in an ecological and biodynamical farm.

And the cooking! I swear, sometimes I will cook vegan-glutenfree-onionfree stuff just for fun. Or maybe I can try to make gulyás without paprika!  At least I dont have to feed 30 people. Go to the restaurant! Apropó, still I think Kurjen tila is the best restaurant in the surranded area.

I can hunt my own meat- I have a good knife for that (thank you Arthur). And maybe mix it with good mushroom (not the magic one). The last time when I went to the forest, I found a kantarelli- sorry, I forget to say but it was frozen as you will be in January.

Good weather, heh? We were so lucky in Norway, to see the northen light during 3 days that we spent there. The camper was terrible, too small place, but at least we had huuuge fun. Pálinka was also happy to travel a lot, and then drank by JAMILI.

If we are talking about the hungaryan things, I’m glad to see and hear you all to swear in my mother tonge. I’m also happy to teach you Bonchidai menyecskék song, and Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt. Tubus-tubus already became international. I’m sure that Arthur will cook some hungarian food for you- nohhh it will not taste as good as mine…but food!

And pálinka. Yes. It was nice to see you all, when I said this magic word, and you just came with the shot glasses.

Jaume, I will send you the recipe of the tárkonyos raguleves(the white soup) and the carrot cake. It’s really LA VIDA. And you have to record your voice saying ajajahhhh LA VIDA, because I want to have an alarm with it.

Igor, I will miss your incredibly crazy musics, mainly the video with the disco-ball- Earth one. I really can’t remember what is the name, but it’s very funny. (The rythm is tüdüdüü tüdüdüüüü, can you recognize it???) :D And yes, I will miss that no one will step on my feet (LEG---Maelle) during the hard party. And show your middle finger in a random situations. But I’m sure, that you get enough random sentences from me. Like: it’s good, very healthy, you can eat…satöbbi (Arthur!).

Iiiiiiiiiizabelllaaaaaaaa…Portugalaleeeee Portugalaleeee! I forget to say, but I was using a bit from your shower gel. Smell a gut. I hope you don’t mind. Please do not visit me in BUKAREST. BUDAPEST is the right place. I’m  waiting for you so much, to make a huuuuge party, and show you the city.

Maelle ooooh Maelle! Kiitos for the adventure in Vaasa, I think we had enough fun there. (But always put more!!!!) City camp is very good way to survive in that city. And take water from the graveyard. And see a looooot of nice rabits. NYAMNYAM <3 food. I’m glad that you are eating hungarian soussage, so here is the name of it: kolbász. Until January you will have time to learn it! And I will start to eat the hearts, because I don’t want to meet with the doctor! :)

Dearest Arthur! You have to sell the mushrooms, to have money for the vodka/gin. Thank you for the deep conversations, the cooking lessons, especially the Monster one! :) You gave me food, very good. Köszönöm for being a shoulder, when it was needed and survive my way of disturbing. And attection! You should read the book that I sent to you in french. No fromage inside. Please tubus-tubus the bird on the right corner of your computer, during you playing with that card game, that I still can’t understand.

Sebastiaaaaan! I know that you know a loooot of hungarian words, just keep continue! And thank you for the chocholate at the airport, it saved my life! :)

Javieri bebeee! You are a very a spanish, eh? :D  I love that you are soo noisy and dance like crazy, hanging on the wall every time. I still want to marry with you, because you made perfect popcorns. And thank you for the goodbye present, it was sooo tasty.

You know guys, I love you all. But it’s not nessesary to say, because you know it. Hungary is your home. Come, visit me.

But see you all in January.

Until then:

You can eat…it’s very good. Very healthy.



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